Features T4.75 available from Mauldin Company, Hattiesburg MS


Operating simplicity
Take your place on the spacious, flat-deck operating platform and you’ll quickly appreciate the all-around visibility and ergonomic control placement. Choose from a selection of transmissions, including 8x8, 12x12 and creeper transmissions, all with a convenient, left-hand,
mechanical, forward/reverse shuttle lever. Or, for ultra-easy, no-clutch shuttling, choose the new hydraulic power shuttle. Located to the left of the steering column, the hydraulic power shuttle is simple, effective and affordable.

Cab comfort never before seen in a utility tractor

Save on fuel
In addition to the fuel-efficient PowerStar engine, the shiftable 540-rpm economy PTO helps you save on fuel, too. It’s an option you won’t find on most other tractors of this size.

Heavy-duty factory loader
The 655TL factory-installed loader is the perfect match for the T4.75 tractor. It features shorter mounting brackets so nearly every loader movement is within sight. Now that makes sense!