Features T6030 available from Mauldin Company, Hattiesburg MS


Responsive Power With Less Fuel, Lower Emissions

Turbocharged T6000 tractor engines have the muscle needed to handle challenging terrain, soil and crop conditions. Up to 47% torque reserve (depending on the model) provides the engine response needed for the toughest jobs.


* T6020, T6040 and T6060 – four-cylinder engines

* T6030, T6050, T6070 and T6080 – six-cylinder engines



Presenting the most future-safe line of engines ever built for agriculture. Now you have the flexibility to confidently run on everything from plain diesel to 100% biodiesel*, which helps create:


* Cleaner air from reduced emissions

* Reduced imports of foreign oil


*Biodiesel must be high quality, produced to ASTM D6751 standards and purchased from a reputable supplier.



* Computer-designed, parent bore cylinder block. Features a contoured outer surface for increased strength.

* Air-to-air intercooling. Improves performance, while a five-blade viscous fan maintains temperature, reduces noise, lowers horsepower consumption and saves fuel.

* Mechanically governed rotary fuel injection pump on the Delta and Plus models. Includes two valves per cylinder, providing simple yet responsive control.

* High-Pressure Common-Rail (HPCR) electronic power management system on Elite AutoShift™ and Power Command™ models. Delivers superb fuel efficiency, fast response, low noise and low emissions.

* Constant RPM. Provided by electronic power management on Elite models. This allows you to preset up to two fixed engine speeds and change between them with a single button, while keeping your eyes on the job.



This Elite model feature delivers up to an additional 25 horsepower during PTO operations and road transport. When torque applied through PTO exceeds a certain level, the power management system automatically increases available engine horsepower to help maintain rated PTO horsepower in challenging crop conditions or terrain.